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Naughty Little Forest Nymph

By Roxanne Rhoads

Naughty Little Forest Nymph
EPUB, 20 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726989
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 1st June 2010

Category: Contemporary

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

An erotic short story with mild bdsm, bondage and outdoor sex themes by Roxanne Rhoads.

Tree-feller Sam encounters more than he bargains for when he finds himself up against a group of tree hugging environmentalists, intent on saving the trees he’s due to cut down. Cassie, the free-spirited wildchild who has chained herself in protest, finds herself unexplainably drawn to him, despite her initial disgust of his work, and the two discover they have more in common than they first realised – leading to an erotic and heated attraction neither of them expected.

Sam Taylor pulled into the wooded work area in his big heavy duty Ford F 250 work truck. The parking zone that was filled with trucks and heavy construction equipment also held several tiny and very strange looking vehicles that could easily have come from a movie set for a sci-fi production. Wherever they came from they sure the hell didn’t belong in a forest clear-out zone.

‘What the blue blazes is going on?’ Sam muttered as he spied a bunch of young women and one man standing around the base of “the monster”. The monster was a very large and very old oak tree that did not want to be cut down; so far something went wrong every time they tried to bring it down, including damage to a lot of expensive equipment. The crew had finally given up on chopping it down and decided to work around the stubborn old tree. They just cleared a path alongside it and decided to make “the monster” company headquarters while in the forest.

As Sam walked towards the strange group of people he spied several of his men on their hands and knees in the woods sifting their hands through leaves and ground debris.

One of his workers rushed up to him as he made his way down the path, ‘Sam, we got a bunch of tree-huggers here protesting the destruction of the forest.’ Tommy Bolen spat the word tree-hugger out like it was the vilest of things. It was true they tended to cause some trouble every now and then but they weren’t bad people, just misguided. Very misguided when it came to Sam and his crew.

‘It can’t be that bad, Tommy. It looks like a bunch of girls, what damage can they do?’ Sam chuckled; they had dealt with stunts like this a few times before, especially now that the green movement was so popular. Usually the kids were easily dispatched so work could go on.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: ANNETTE M GUERRIERO on 10th April 2012 4:32PM

Erotica author Roxanne Rhoads has an uncanny ability to turn the mundane into a hot and sexy event. Whether the story is filled with Vampire\'s and Werewolves, or regular Humans, you know you\'ll need the coldest of showers when you are done reading one of her books.

When Sam arrives at the work cite he\'s faced with a bunch of tree hugging protesters. Among them is the beautiful Cassie, who has chained herself to a tree. So what does a tree cutter and a tree hugger have in common? A mutual attraction and interest in a little bondage.

Naughty Little Forest Nymph is a little less racy than the others I have read, but it is just enough to put a smile on your face and a little heat there as well.

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